ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP: $80.00 Single $110.00 Family (renewal date September 11, 2017)
SEASONAL COURT RATES: Season begins September 11, 2017 and ends April 29, 2018.  It does not include November 23, December 24, 25, 31 and January 1.
Court Time* Main Building
Seasonal Rate/Hour
All Courts
Random Rate/Hour
Monday-Friday 9am to 3pm $28.00 $31.00
Monday-Friday 3pm to 5pm $25.00 $28.00
Monday-Friday 5pm to 6pm $31.00 $34.00
Monday-Thursday 6pm to 10pm $38.00 $41.00
Monday-Thursday 10pm to 11pm $30.00 $33.00
Saturday/Sunday 7am to 8am $24.00 $27.00
Saturday 8am to 7pm $35.00 $38.00
Saturday 7pm to midnight N/A $36.00
Sunday 8am to 10pm $35.00 $38.00
Friday 6pm to 9pm $38.00 $41.00
Friday 9pm to 11pm $30.00 $33.00

*Rates are per court hour. Divide by number of players to determine cost per player.

Random time may be reserved up to one week in advance. No shows will be charged the hourly rate unless cancellation is made at least 24 hours in advance of the reserved starting time.

An explanation of seasonal versus random time:

  • Seasonal time is bought by members who pay to have a certain court time reserved every week. They pay at the beginning of the season and the court is then reserved every week.
  • Random time is bought by members who just want to play now and then. It is paid for on the day of play when checking in with the front desk attendant.
EARLY BIRD: Monday - Friday 6am to 9am. $450 per player.


Guests may play if a guest fee of $10.00 per visit is paid.
All players on a seasonal court must be members.

PARTIES: Saturday night parties 7pm to midnight, 4 courts-$370, 8 courts-$590, 10 courts-$650.
Note: Rates apply to seasonal reservations made prior to June 1, 2017.
After June 1, rates are subject to change.

Summer Rates
The summer season runs from May 1, 2017 to September 6, 2017. 

New Single Memberships: $60.00 - Family: $90.00 - Current Members: No Fee   

Day and Time Indoor - Seasonal Indoor - Random Outdoor - Clay Courts Outdoor - Hard Courts
8 am to 6 pm Monday to Friday $18.00 $20.00 $17.00 $14.00
6 pm to 11 pm Monday to Friday $24.00 $26.00 **$22.00 **$14.00
All day Saturday and Sunday $20.00 $22.00 $19.00 $14.00

**Please note that the outdoor courts do not have lights and therefore play will end at sunset (which changes as the summer progresses).